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Steam the Yoni


Women, we hold trauma in our wombs.

Our womb holds the key to both physical and emotional well-being. Our bodies are such amazing vessels capable of storing and releasing energy, and the womb is no exception.

A Yoni Steam is a great way to care for your womb.  While the vagina is self cleaning, adding a steam to your self care regimen a few times a month aids in preventative care, improves circulation and blood flow to the vagina and improves our reproductive health.  The medicinal properties of the herbal blend are released in our womb by way of vapors.

Benefits of Yoni Steams:

Balanced Menstrual Cycles: Yoni steaming promotes menstrual regularity and alleviating discomfort, helping you embrace your natural rhythm

Strengthened Pelvic Floor: Steaming helps to gently tone the pelvic floor promoting increased muscle strength and flexibility that contributes to better pelvic floor health

Emotional Release and Relaxation: Our herbal blend creates a soothing and aromatic environment, encouraging emotional release and relaxation during your self-care ritual

Improved Fertility: Yoni steaming helps to enhance fertility by promoting a healthy uterine environment

Holistic Detoxification: Steaming helps remove toxins from our womanly organs and supporting a balanced and harmonious system

Heightened Sensation and Pleasure: Steaming naturally nurtures heightened sensitivity, creating a deeper connection with your body

Enhanced Self-Care Rituals: This sacred ritual allows you to reconnect with yourself and tap into more inner harmony and empowerment that so many of us are missing in our lives. We forget to be still and take time for self.


Womb Wellness is so important simply because the very essence of humanity is nurtured and brought to life within this sacred space. In a society of chaos and imbalance, we must remember that restoring harmony begins with honoring and cherishing the divine feminine power that is within us.

We reclaim this power through self-love by way of our thoughts, our words, and what we are consuming spiritually, nutritionally and environmentally.

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