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"A Book of the Beginnings" Set Volumes 1 & 2 - by Gerald Massey

"A Book of the Beginnings" Set Volumes 1 & 2 - by Gerald Massey

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This set includes both books, volumes 1 & 2. A Book of the Beginnings (in two volumes) was first published in 1881 in a limited edition, introduced the public to the author's extensive research that transcended conventional opinions of race supremacy.

In Volume one, Massey focuses on "Egyptian origines in the British Isles." The implications of Massey's research,which extend far beyond the British Isles, are unveiled systematically through comparative linguistics, symbolism, and mythology.

In Volume two, Massey explores the African/Egyptian roots of the Hebrews, the Akkado-Assyrians, and Maori. By linking these diverse cultures and their origins to their African roots, Massey demonstrates not only the extent of African influence, but its permanence, as well.

To accompany A Book of the Beginnings, and update h is findings, Massey published two additional double-volume works, A Natural Genesis in 1883 and Ancient Egypt the Light of the World in 1907. Both titles are also available from Black Classic Press in print and e-book version.
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