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Sage - Smudge Sticks (Various)

Sage - Smudge Sticks (Various)

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Herb Mixture

The bad vibes have got to go and they've got to go NOW.

A smudge stick is a bundle of sacred herbs that are tied together. Add a smudge stick to your line of defense against negative energy and low vibrational entities.

What is smudging?

Smudging is the practice of burning sacred herbs with the intention of spiritual cleansing. You can smudge yourself or your space by burning the end of the smudge stick and allowing the smoke to touch every corner and every nook to ensure the vibrations you're trying to rid yourself of, have no place to hide. 

If smudging indoors, please open your windows to create an escape route for these entities.

The herb you use influences the result:

White Sage: The most dynamic and common sage for smudging. You can't go wrong with the benevolent spirit of White Sage. It's used for cleansing, healing, protection, meditation, and peace of mind. 

Black Sage (Mugwort): Very popular for intensive cleansing. Has a darker appearance. Encourages healing and vivid dreams. Provide protection during astral travel and inner healing.

Blue Sage: Has a lighter fragrance. Great for cleansing rituals. Has a smooth, calming smell that is also good for meditation and can be burned for pure enjoyment. 

Cedar: Cedar is one of the most ancient trees on the planet. When burned, it smells reminiscent of a forest and invokes the healing protection and wisdom of ancient woods. Great for home cleansing.

Lavender: Has a clean, flowery fragrance. And as expected, lavender sage produces a calm serenity when burned. It encourages love and peace and will assist in reducing anxiety. 

Juniper: Looks and smells like a Christmas Tree. Another ancient plant, it's used when you want to invoke cleansing and prosperity. Great for anointing a new home or venture, Juniper has masculine, protective energy.

Dragon's Blood: This is white sage coated in red Dragon's Blood Resin. White sage is known for its healing energy that calms the mind and spirit. When Dragon's Blood is added, its protective energy becomes more potent. Dragon's Blood sage can also be used to induce a sensual experience.

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