All-Natural Toothpaste
All-Natural Toothpaste

All-Natural Toothpaste

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Available in Peppermint Neem (Synergy) or Activated Charcoal (Restore). Activated Charcoal is great for whitening and Peppermint Neem leaves you extra fresh!


Unlike the commercial brands that are filled with synthetic chemicals that actually cause more damage than health, the pH Company's all-natural toothpaste, featuring powerful oils like Neem, Tea Tree, and Black Seed, is formulated to:

  • Maintain proper pH levels in your mouth
  • Help remineralize the enamel on your teeth
  • Decrease the bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth decay
  • Heal hot/cold sensitivities
  • Reverse gingivitis
  • Ease bleeding gums
  • Freshen breath

Ready to see and feel an immediate difference in your oral health? Join those that already do! 

Please Note: A little bit goes a long way... This one container should last a single person using twice a day for at least 4 months, which is about 2 months longer than the commercial brands. 

Peppermint Ingredients: Distilled water, Coconut oil, Palm stearic acid, Vegetable emulsifying wax, Guar gum, Baking soda, Neem oil, Peppermint essential oil

Charcoal Ingredients: Distilled water, Coconut oil, Palm Stearic acid, Vegetable emulsifying wax, Guar gum, Activated Charcoal, Baking soda, Black seed oil, Tea tree oil