Weekly Crystal Master Class
Weekly Crystal Master Class

Weekly Crystal Master Class

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$50 per week

You may attend virtually. If you decide on virtual attendance please email your email address & phone number to


. A link will be sent for you to click on to attend each class individually. 

Saturdays 10am-11am

You can pay weekly or for all 9 classes at once. 

This class will focus on 9 aspects of Crystal Education.

Please Bring a notepad. 

Week1: Intro to Crystals: Overview from the Macrocosm & Microcosm

Week2:Major Crystal Families

Week3: How to Identify Magnetism, frequency, & utilize crystal light emissions

Week4: Crystals in Technology

Week5: Cleansing, Charging, & Activating Crystals

Week6: How to use Crystals for healing and divination

Week7:Crystal Shapes & Making them work for you

Week8: Creating Perfect Crystal Combinations

Week9: Gem Mine Visit & Hands on exploration!!🤗