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BLADDERWRACK, Fucus vesiculosus is rich in vitamins and minerals such as iodine, iron, calcium, and vitamins A and C.  Known for its thyroid-supporting properties, Bladderwrack aids in maintaining optimal thyroid function (especially for those with hypothyroidism), contributing to overall metabolic health.  Its rich iodine content supports healthy skin, hair, and nails.  This seaweed superfood is celebrated for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, promoting a balanced and resilient well-being. 

Other Health Benefits: Antirheumatic (to treat active, progressive, or destructive forms of inflammatory arthritis), metabolic stimulant, nutritive, thyroid tonic

Directions: Boil water, remove from heat, steep 1 teaspoon for 10-15 minutes.  Drink up to 3 cups a day.

No more than 150 mcg iodine should be consumed from all sources, including bladderwrack, per day.


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