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Kemetic Science Institute

Liquid Vitamin C (8oz)

Liquid Vitamin C (8oz)

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This Liquid Vitamin C is an immune boost that is easy to swallow.

When it comes to packing immense amounts of vitamin C into your daily diet, there is no need to choke down large pills or chew chalky tablets. Formulated to deliver 1000 mg of vitamin C in each 1 TBSP serving, this Liquid Vitamin C is as simple to take as it is delicious to drink.

Vitamin C may help support healthy immune system function, bone & cartilage synthesis, teeth and bones, and more. Made pure and simple it is vegetarian, BPA free, gluten free, Halal & Kosher fortified with rosehips, bioflavonoids and acerola for added antioxidant activity.

Drink it pure or mix it in water or your favorite smoothie.

This supplement helps to support immune system function, body tissues, teeth & bones, and more.
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