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Cellular Regeneration

Cellular Regeneration

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To all of the Divine Feminine Goddesses, your womb is the essence of all of your Being! It is the center of everything that functions within your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you have children or wish to have them, this detox is the ideal womb reset for you. Ascend to your higher selves by caring for your womb and cleansing all negative energies and adverse treatment that has caused damage to your sacred portal.

This product can assist with:
- Reducing Internal Scar Tissue
- Softening and Dissolving Adhesions 
- Restoring Challenged Cells to Health
- Shrinking and Eliminating Cysts and Fibroids
- Aiding in Normal Menstrual Flow

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Abuta, Alfalfa, Anamu, Burdock, Calaguala, Dandelion Flower, 
Ginger, Licorice and Love.

Directions: Take 1oz (30ml) twice per day or as directed by holistic healthcare practitioner. Increase your spring water intake and reduce the consumption of pastas and breads, as these are common contributors to cyst and fibroid development. 

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