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"The Genesis Years of Elijah Muhammad" by Elijah Muhammad

"The Genesis Years of Elijah Muhammad" by Elijah Muhammad

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It has been approximately 40 years since these articles have been written. Many of the truths in them are not being taught today. You will find some of them in certain books compiled by Elijah Muhammad and then others may surface every now and then in photocopy or a citing here and there.

In any case, these articles represent those submitted to various new organs of the early 50's and 60's. Some of these newspapers are no longer in business and others have simply gone through economic and social change prompting them to change their name and management.

We trust that if the reader reads something he or she has read before, it will only enhance their knowledge base. There, however, are many items that will be fairly new to you. We hope that whatever experience one has, it will be one that benefits our nation and in this way, regardless of when or if you have read it, you will act upon the principle contained herein. For as Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah, said, "Mere belief counts for nothing, unless carried into practice."
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