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"The How To Eat To Live Holistic Companion" by Nasir Hakim

"The How To Eat To Live Holistic Companion" by Nasir Hakim

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How To Eat To Live, Books 1 & 2, were first published in 1967 and 1972 respectively. In these books Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah, pointed out very clearly and decisively that it all is from Allah (God) in person. He believes he met God in the form of a man and it is He who revealed the BEST knowledge of how to eat to live. We make no attempt at reinterpreting, reinventing or improving upon what the Messenger received from God.

The objective of this book is only to make the reader aware of the means and ways the food and their by-products have been adversely transformed from the initial published dates of these writings to date, and from this awareness and updated information contained herein, can stay consistent with the principles taught in these writings. We felt there was a great need for an essential companion; essential, because through processing and commercialization, food has taken on a different form from what we had grown accustomed to. Since the 60's and 70's, food that was once called "pure" is not pure. Various government agencies responsible for checking the safety of food have adopted various definitions for political and economic reasons, but at the expense of health. Consequently, the word pure simply means that there are "acceptable" levels of toxins, or acceptable levels of mercury, or acceptable levels of pesticides, herbicides or solvents per part, per million. There was a time when brown sugar was a lot healthier than sugar is today. What was once stated as brown sugar was simply "raw sugar." It was a lot healthier and when Elijah Muhammad recommended it, he did not mean what today has come to be known as brown sugar, which is highly refined white sugar with molasses poured over it. For on one hand he would not advise us to NOT eat refined products while simultaneously telling us to eat the new form of brown sugar. As well, take for instance the aspect of pork. This so-called food is completely prohibited due to forbidding of God and the indestructible worm inside. It is never to be taken for food, so much so, Elijah Muhammad advises that we should die first before we eat it. In today's market, there are hundreds of thousands of products that are made from pork and its by-products. Since the 60's, these products are not so well pointed out.

These are just a few of the reasons this book is essential and will serve as an excellent companion to How To Eat To Live, Books 1 & 2. There are two main veins this book will pursue: one is the processes of food and the surrounding equipment associated and secondly, the commercialization of it for maximum profits and the expense of the people's health in general. Of course, secondary to this is the fact that bad food equals bad health, which equals a great economic boom in medicine, doctors and hospitalization. Not only will this book enlightened as to the problems, but it will also furnish solutions in the form of alternatives. We trust the reader will find great benefit in this essential companion.
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